The Dangers of Storms to your Roof

As I write this we are in the dead of winter, and you know what that means. We are extremely likely to experience adverse weather conditions. This is the time of year that we get a lot of call outs for people experiencing storm damage – weather it’s leaks, missing tiles or structural damage we’re just a phone call away to help out.

Not all roof damage looks like this

Here are some things to look out for –

  • Signs of Water Damp – Most homeowners will be familiar with what water damage looks like. Damp, wet drywall, or even bloated paint and soft spots are signs of water damage.These are usually due to leaks, some of these leaks can be a surprising distance from where the water damage to the inside if your home is and can be a pain to locate.Other signs to watch out for is muddy looking brown circles on the ceiling.
  • Dark Spots/Stains – Dark spots or staining can show mould or algae growing in the presence of moisture. Often his can show the roof displaying age. Mold or algae can be cleaned up, but there could be a bigger problem with your roof sealing that might need investigating.
  • Light showing through roof. If you are in the attic and you can see light shining through the roof (though it’s an obvious inspection, doing it could save a considerable amount of time and further damage to your home).Sagging roof decking – if you can see the decking of your roof sagging or warping in your attic, this could indicate the decking has taken water damage. In most cases you will need to replace the decking which has sagged and warped to restore your roof. Catching this as soon as you can is the best way to avoid decking being damaged.
  • To the untrained naked eye damage to the roof is extremely easy to get overlooked if it is not carefully examined. We do not recommend looking at your own roof, as extreme caution needs to be taken with the ladders. Leave this to the professionals if you can! Below his are the items that you want to look for with exterior storm roof damage.

Watermarks like this can mean a leak in the roof.

Call in the Professionals

Here at Regan Roofing, we carry out all kinds of repairs, this includes roof tile & slate replacement, felt and EPDM Rubber roof repairs, Re-roofing, Chimney repairs, Storm, damage work, Lead work, Emergency repairs, Insurance work.

Although we can usually rescue a roof in need of repair, we are also able to do complete re-roofing projects if necessary.

If your roof needs care – don’t put it off! A stitch in time saves nine, the sooner we get to your issue the better.

Checking Your Roof for Damage After a Storm
Article Name
Checking Your Roof for Damage After a Storm
Find out how to check your roof for damage after a storm including the warning signs that you should be aware of.